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Would you like learn italian for order without problems in your
preferred restaurant? Or would you go to Rome to see Colosseum, to Florence to watch wonderful masterpieces of Botticelli and of others great painters? Ok, you can start from this selection of resources for learn italian language.

Video: Free Italian Lesson 1

Italian Alphabet and English sound

Italian English Sound
a ah
e eh
i ee
o oh
u oo
ai eye
au ow
ei ay
ia yah
ie yeh
io yoh
iu yoo
ua wah
ue weh
uo woh
ui wee
ci or ce ch
gi or ge zh
sci sh
sch sk
aia ah-yah
aio ah-yoh
iei ee-yay
uio oo-yoh
uoi oo-oy
ch k
h [silent]
r [trilled]

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Links for learn free italian language online

A god selection of resources for learn italian for free on word2word.com:

  • Web Italian Lessons, by Lucio Chiappetti
  • CyberItalian
  • Italian Language Course for the Internet
  • Free Italian Course for Beginners
  • The Italian Electronic Classroom
  • ProfessorGio
  • Italian Tutorial
  • Speak7 Italian
  • Tutorino
  • Italianize Yourself

Learning the basis of italian here

Free lessons for learning italian here

Audio files for learning italian

On Zapitalia audio file of basics, alphabet in italian, numbers and italian verbs. Then you can continue with italian music, original audio and translations. And a few of useful italian phrases for everyday situations.
On Zapitalia.com