Halloween 2010 ideas

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Halloween 2010 ideas

Ideas crazy and original for 2010 Halloween

Halloween in 2010 is on Sunday, the 31st of October. Do you need some ideas for Halloween? Good, if for you is important to be original every year and surprise your friends and colleagues here you can find new ideas and crazy stuff for best result.

Dismember me Zombie - gadget for Halloween

Gadgets for Halloween

Let’s start from classic: zombies. Everybody loves zombies, especially at Halloween. You can go around with new friend, a Dismember-me Plush Zombie, you can buy it on ThinkGeek here
If your budget is without limit you must have a little more sophisticated zombie: R/C Dead Fred Zombie. It costs about $2600, but in your garden it will be perfect:

If you want to buy go here.

Ideas for Halloween party

Always, every year, same boring tearful Halloween party? For this 2010 we must
find some exciting and original things for surprise and scare friends.
Here a great articles compilation with a lot of ides for amazing parties. Some interesting cues:
  • True Blood Halloween Party (Red and tomatoes are protagonists…)
  • Tim Burton inspired party
  • Halloween activities for kids
  • Halloween drinking games


Costumes for Halloween

If you would like to be original, you must avoid the most popular Halloween costumes in 2009:

  • Michael Jackson
  • Kate and Jon Gosselin (from Jon and Kate Plus 8)
  • Sarah Palin
  • Bernie Madoff
  • Edward Cullen (from the Twilight book and film series)
  • Sick Pigs (from the H1N1 swine flu pandemic)
  • G.I. Joe
  • Transformers (from the Transformers film series)
  • Barack Obama
  • Michelle Obama
  • High School Musical 3 characters
  • Star Wars and Star Trek characters
  • Hannah Montana
  • Vampire characters

(from Wikipedia)

Sexy Halloween costumes for girls

Sexy Halloween costumes

For girls that want a sexy Halloween (like them) let’s a very nice selection of costumes from Sexy Wear Avenue (link).

Some samples: clearance Costumes, Alice In Wonderland, Angel & Devil, Army, Cat Costumes, Cop Costumes, Cowgirl, Flight Attendant, Gangster, Navy, Nurse Costumes, Pirate Costumes, Vampire and Witch Costumes. Also Plus Size Costumes.

Others beautiful costumes on Costume Kingdom: must-have Lady Gaga Costume for Womens, Avatar Wig – Neytiri, Potato Head Adult Costume and really a tons of others (www.costumekingdom.com)

New Halloween costumes of 2010

New 2010 Halloween costumes

Make a nice Halloween Pumpkin

A simple tutorial with clear photos to understand how to make a great halloween pumpkin here

Recipes for Halloween

Ideas for Halloween recipes

Right approach for original recipes for Halloween is think principally to the choreographic effect

Also ordinary recipes can change for Halloween, and become horrific body parts, blood, mummies! From Disney a great collection of ideas for smile and eat with fear here

Fun slideshow of horrifying Halloween recipes

Amazing Halloween Cakes and Cupcakes

Idee per Halloween 2011 (in italiano)