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Funny video to share
A classic and always funny collection of videos excellent for sharing on your favourite social network – Facebook, Twitter or whatever. Funny videos are a drug: you start watching but you don’t now when you can stop!

Business video conference?

Ninja fail: great classic

Compilation of falls, accidents unintentionally funny, kids and all that makes smile

Funny accidents

Another funny compilations of videos

Great theme: super slow motion!

Theese videos are funny, for sure, but they are interesting too: they show a new side of reality. Things that we do every day – like to launch a water ball in face to somebody! – with this technique of shoot are shown in different manner.

Slow motion video compilation

Water Balloon to the Face in super slow motion

Man blowing raspberry in slow motion

Go to article and video about an amazing caterpillar skateboard

Dramatic Look

The real fun of watching this kind of videos is to search always others and new and better. So, you can start your search! A suggestion: you try to search cat funny, or kid funny, or funny people on Youtube, forget to sleep!