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Funny pictures for social networks

Your profile is too flatten, you are afraid to seem boring? A lot of web services for create funny images to share on Facebook, MySpace, Orkut and other social network.

Manga avatar from your faceLet’s go: firstly you can create a manga style avatar with FaceYourManga. You can customize eyes, nose, hair, mouth and clothes:

Another service is Yearbook Yourself, a site that allows you to go back over time, changing with a few simple steps your image. You will looking for example like a guy living in years 60s or 70s:

But if you want go back really much you can transform your picture like an early human: you can devolve yourself with “devolve me”:

Devolve your picture like an early human

If you are a Simpson addict you must simpsonize yourself from site

Create your Simpson avatar

With Evolver you can create a 3d speaker avatar:

Evolver create avatar 3d

Add amazing effects to your photos

A particular and very rich web application allow you to add a lot of effects to your pictures.

You can choice to make a Lego construction, give your photo to a cat, insert it on a beatiful sunset, and really tons of other choices. Go to

Funny picture for Facebook on here

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