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Facebook pay per click system

At this time active users on Facebook are more than 500 million. So maybe is interesting, if you must advertising something, to use this social network.
Is important to consider that some particular targets, in Europe especially, use Facebook like only way to go online. A lot of teenagers, college students, young people in general, starts their laptop and goes on Facebook. That’s all. The way to know the world, for this folks, starts and ends on Facebook.

For this reason is important to make an advertising campaign also on Facebook , and not only for example on Google Adwords, obviously effective and well tested.
Particularity of Facebook adv is a target system based on characteristics of people, because selection of who can see your adv is based on their personal profile data.

For example, if I want launch a service for teaching mathematics I can targeting my ads only for college students.

This is most important difference between search engine and Facebook advertising system. On search engine advertising targeting is completely based only on words. So only who search “help on math” will see my adv (also a worried mother). Instead with Facebook system all (and only) college students will see the advertising, although who doesn’t need math help.

Both systems have benefits and disadvantages. For that reason a good way to make a complete advertising campaign is to mix both solutions.


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