Dreamweaver comparison tool on Windows

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WinMerge logoWinMerge is powerful and fast open source software for using Dreamweaver comparison function on Windows systems.

Dreamweaver has an useful function that allow to compare two files to individuate immediatly differences between them. It’is sufficient to set path of your installed tool and, from contextual menu of Dreamweaver file manager you can choise, after a right click on a file, the option (for example) “compare with remote file”. So you can see differences and use all interesting options of comparison software. Here you find complete Adobe documentation.

On my system (Windows Vista) I installed Tortoise, open source software for repository management. A diff tool of Tortoise suite is TortoiseIDidff. So, when Dreamweaver asked me to specify what software I would use for comparison, I chosen It. But

WinMerge screenshot

WinMerge screenshot: this diff tool works fine with Dreamweaver

unfortunately I understood soon that something was wrong: Dreamweaver comparison does not work properly with TortoiseIDiff! Damn, Right now I must search another tool.

Fortunately my search was really speedy: my first try was WinMerge (winmerge.org) and it worked very well. Easy, fast, it does its job and probably much more, I’ll try all its additional functions. But I mostly need of simple comparison, and, I repeat, WinMerge is fine for that.