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Siti web firenze

12 March 2012


Realizzazione di siti web a Firenze - Toscana
Per la realizzazione di siti web a Firenze c’è un’agenzia specializzata: Webag.it. Non sei di Firenze: nessun problema, Webag.it segue clienti in tutta Italia e lavora anche a distanza. Continue Reading

Adwords test tool

30 August 2010

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An useful Google tool is Adwords test tool for preview of your advertising simulating different geographic locations and languages. Continue Reading

Facebook pay per click

28 August 2010


Facebook pay per click system

At this time active users on Facebook are more than 500 million. So maybe is interesting, if you must advertising something, to use this social network.
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Adwords special keywords

27 August 2010


Adwords special keywordsA simple way to improve your adwords announces is to use special keyword {keyword:word} on title and url. Google calls this function keyword insertion.

With this code your announce will be dynamic, and title will reflect exactly keywords that users are searching. Continue Reading