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Adwords special keywordsA simple way to improve your adwords announces is to use special keyword {keyword:word} on title and url. Google calls this function keyword insertion.

With this code your announce will be dynamic, and title will reflect exactly keywords that users are searching.

An example. You must write an advertising about your computer shop. Good. So you can write something like this:

Buy computer stuff
Buy in our shop
whatever you need

In this way your announce is generic, and hardly users will click on. A solution is to create a lot of ads for each group of keywords. So, for example, if users will search “laptop” (or others similar keywords, that you must individualize) it will appear relative ad. Good result, but a lot of work.

Using keyword insertion you will obtain a similar effect working in few minutes.

Buy {keyword:computer}
Buy our  {keyword:computer}
on our shop{keyword:computer}

With this code you can associate to this ad all your keywords, without grouping them for specific ads. Whatever word users are searching now, they read better ad for their search.

When an user will search “laptop”, with special keyword your ad will appear so:

Buy laptop
Choice our  laptop
on our shop

A YouTube video explains special keywords

Here you can find the Google explanation with some samples.